Workshop 5Workshop 5


Flowers are the perfect subject for creating abstracts. Combine a well planned, well exposed photograph with the filters, adjustment tools and huge range of Photoshop features and make some art. In addition to the photography and processing aspects, this workshop also looks at how the flower subject itself can be used to create unusual images. Microwaved and pressed, along with frozen and dying flowers, when composed well, also make abstract and captivating pictures.

For those that like to focus on the photography, this workshop will also look at how to capture water droplet reflections.

What will I learn?


What will I create?

Rules of composition.

Working with colour.

Macro and close up photography for capturing water droplets and reflections.

Creative subject ideas with dried, dying, frozen, microwaves and pressed flowers.

General Lightroom and Photoshop techniques as part of the photographer's workflow

Black and white with selective colouring

Image editing software for HDR, colour adjustments, black and white, selective colouring.

How to make your own textured backgrounds in Photoshop


A close up of water droplets
An abstract
A range of images from a single flower


What should I bring?


Your camera, lenses (macro lens, if you have one), tripod, remote shutter release and ideally your laptop with Lightroom and Photoshop. Your camera manual. Loads of enthusiasm and creative ideas.


Who should attend?

  Anyone with an interest in flower and close up photography who wish to develop their photography and digital dark room skills to create abstract and distinctive art. Participants should have some familiarity with the manual functions of their camera.

Where and When

Dates to be advised
Time 10:00 - 16:30
Venue Arundel or Oving (nr Chichester), West Sussex
Price (includes lunch and refreshments) £125.00
For more information or to contact me
Celia Henderson LRPS, Tel: 07768 201852 Email: